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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018


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By: Lincolnview Local Schools


Students spent time buddy reading the story of the week. They went on a word hunt for sight words and “short u” words. They were able to spend time discussing the story, finding the main idea and details and their favorite parts of the story.

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“Can I work alone on this?” is a question that one might often hear in the classroom setting. Is it meaningful to work in a group or is group work only good for giving students the opportunity to talk with their peers? The students in fourth grade math give a resounding, “Yes!” to both of those questions.

Author Loren Long visits Lincolnview Elementary School. photo provided

Working together with peers is worthwhile as it allows students to not only give ideas to the group, but it also gives each student the opportunity to defend their answer, if needed, which is a very important skill to develop not only in math, but in life. Working in a group setting also provides the students the time to reflect upon their own thinking and deciding whether it is correct or incorrect, which is another important skill to learn in school and in the real world.

So when the question, “Can I work alone on this?” surfaces, we feel, in fourth grade math, that you may certainly work alone, but it can also be very beneficial to collaborate with a peer.

Author Loren Long visited Lincolnview Elementary on Thursday, October 18, to talk to the students about his experiences being an author and illustrator. Mr. Long talked with the students about his famous “Otis” book series and his latest book The Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake. Students had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Long and get books signed. Mr. Long’s visit was sponsored by the Lincolnview Parent Teacher Club.

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In fifth grade social studies, students are learning about American Indians’ unique cultures and ways of life. Students have been collaborating in groups to create a dodecahedron focusing on culture, shelter, artifacts, landforms, natural resources, and adaptations to the environment. The fifth graders have enjoyed working together, writing, researching, and being creative and are excited to present to their peers. Mrs. Kris Tow and Mrs. Jill Cockerell’s co-taught first graders are busy learning all about rain forests. Each student selected a creature found in the rain forest to conduct research on using their chrome books. They will be using the Expanded Expression Tool to write fascinating facts to present to their classmates. The lesson will culminate with a colorful art display depicting the rain forest.

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The Lincolnview Elementary Carnival and Raffle will be held on Friday, April 6, from 4-7 p.m. Join us for food, fun, and games.

As always, we will have the famous Venedocia Lions Club sausage sandwiches, pizza, cotton candy, and much more. We will have inflatables from Ultra Sound in the gymnasium and various carnival games throughout the school.

Come early to sign up to win prizes in our annual raffle. Several local businesses have donated very nice prizes for you to win! Bring your friends and family. Open to everyone! See you there!

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The Ohio Department of Education is celebrating the release of the film Wonder, based on the best-selling book by R.J. Palacio. As part of #OhioWonderWeek, the ODE is challenging students to send 500 letters spreading kindness to others.

Lincolnview students participate in the Choose Kind Challenge. photo submitted

Lindsey Litzenberg’s homeroom just finished reading Wonder in class, and accepted the Choose Kind Challenge. Wonder centers on the power of kind acts, meaningful peer connections, and strong adult mentors through the eyes of a fifth grader, Auggie Pullman, who is venturing into school with an exceptional challenge.

The sixth grade students created over 25 letters and cards that will be distributed to local nursing homes to help spread cheer and kindness. They are showing that their deeds are their monuments.

Jen Slusher’s kindergarten students are working on learning about high and low sounds in music class. Here the students are playing xylophones to a story about a painter. The kids play high sounds when the painter is painting high and low sounds when the painter is painting low to tell the story. The students also learned that big objects make low sounds and small objects make high sounds.

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The following students were winners at this year’s Apple Festival Art Show. Pictured is Emme Stevens, fourth place; Anna Wills, first place; Jennifer Benson, third place; and Clayton Priest, fourth place. Lincolnview photo

Lincolnview students in grades K-2 had the chance to bowl at Olympic Lanes recently. Pictured are some students from Lianne Pohlman’s kindergarten class. Lincolnview photo

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Lincolnview Beta Club and National Honor Society are holding a clothing exchange and will be accepting infant through adult sizes. We understand that many people are facing challenges with today’s current economic situation.  We at Lincolnview want to do our part to help those in our community that could use a helping hand.

Lincolnview Elementary students create digital artwork. (Lincolnview photo)

The High School Beta Club and NHS will be conducting a clothing exchange during the Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences on November 1 and 2. Any member of our community who would like to donate used/new good clean clothes and coats, with no stains, holes, rips, or tears, can drop them off at the school starting Wednesday, October 4, through Friday, October 27.

We will take infant through adult sizes. Donors can drop clothes off at the high school or elementary offices. Please do not send things other than clothing and apparel. 

Any member of our community who could use a hand with clothes can pick up items during Parent Teacher Conference hours. Everything will be free of charge and no questions asked. We will have the clothing items in the elementary side of the cafeteria, and will have signs directing you to the room where the clothes will be divided by gender and size.

We will have bags/boxes available for people to use. If you have any questions, you can contact Brenda Leeth at 419.968.2214, extension 3210, or Tonia Verville at 419.968.2351, extension 3203. Any clothing items left over will be taken to local agencies.

Art students at Lincolnview Elementary used their Google Chromebooks to create a painting. The fifth grade art students were studying geometric and free form shapes. They then composed a digital still life painting that incorporated those two types of shapes.

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The first graders at Lincolnview Elementary are learning to type. On Friday, September 29, Deb Stetler came down to our classroom to begin instructing the first graders on the keyboard and how to use it. Keyboarding is an important skill for all students. It involves using correct finger placement and building speed for optimal typing accuracy. When students develop keyboarding proficiency, it becomes an aid to the improvement of their writing skills. Shown is Mrs. Stetler teaching keyboarding to Kris Tow’s first-graders. (Lincolnview photo)

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Fifth grade students at Lincolnview Elementary School recently visited JA BizTown in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as their first educational field trip of the school year.

Lincolnview fifth-graders learn about financial matters at JA BizTown in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (photo submitted)

Through daily lessons, hands-on activities, and active participation within their simulated community called JA BizTown, students quickly developed an appreciation for employment and careers in various professions. They viewed their individual roles within the community from both a consumer’s and employee’s perspective.

Many children commented on how they quickly discovered the importance of working cooperatively while running their business together. They enjoyed the challenge of organizing their time and meeting deadlines. Students further developed their money management skills for their business and personal financing.

Overall, the fifth graders did an excellent job interacting within the various businesses of JA BizTown. A special “thank you” to all parent volunteers that attended the field trip and assisted our children throughout the day.

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Lancer Lines photo 5-25-17

On May 16, Lincolnview Elementary held its third annual Art Show fundraiser. The event showcased professionally framed student artworks in a gallery setting. The art show allowed students to share their artistic masterpiece with their parents and community members. The show also raised funds for the Lincolnview Elementary Fine Arts Department that will be used for future art projects. (Lincolnview photo)

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