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Monday, Aug. 26, 2019


Camera Club News

By: Rex Dolby


Long-time Camera Club member Joe Schramm passed away early Sunday morning, August 11. On Thursday, August 15, a memorial gathering was held from 3-5 p.m. at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home in Cridersville.

Larry Dickerhoof, Rex Dolby, and Cheryl Knost were among the friends, relatives, and acquaintances who attended the memorial.

After signing the guest register, we were invited to sort through the sheets (shown in the illustration) and pick one of Joe’s pictures that we particularly liked. Possibly six or more of his photos had been selected and mounted on the 8 inches high by 6 inches wide paper. The back listed his immediate family members, in-laws, and folks he was uncle and great uncle to, as well as where his ashes will be buried.

On a separate table was a notebook with one of the pictures on each page with the location of the image.  In the case of the illustration, it is Blackwater Falls in Blackwater State Park in West Virginia.

I had never seen this done before and I thought — how it would be just like Joe to hand me this sheet and say, “Here’s something to remember me by.” He was a good soul and will be missed.

In the accompanying photo of the memorial sheet, I have added Joe’s photo in the upper right hand corner just to help readers remember who he was.

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Members of the Van Wert Area Photography and Lima Photography clubs met Saturday, August 10, at the courthouse in Decatur, Indiana, to record the 28 new sculptures and numerous permanent sculptures scattered about the downtown area.

“Solitude” by Tuck Langland of Granger, Indiana. 

Due to sidewalk renovation, some pieces were placed in locations where it was difficult to minimize backgrounds without sacrificing a good view of the subject.  As a result, the subject won out and backgrounds were somewhat blurred by settings that provide a shallow depth of field or will be diminished by editing.

When the day started, the sky was relatively overcast, but by 11 a.m. the clouds had drifted away leaving a clear sky, but bearable temperatures.  A little after noon we were ready to break for lunch, which was so good, two purchased a half-pound of fish to take home!

The group then went to shoot the permanent sculptures located on the banks of the St. Marys River between the East Jackson St. and East Monroe St. bridges. Since this was a second opportunity for some to photograph these pieces, they were able to focus in on the artist’s attention to details instead of capturing the total work.

An example was Gary Hovey’s sculpture of an eagle lifting off the water with a fish in its talons. Made totally of table knives, forks and spoons, he had bent some forks to represent the splash of pulling the fish from the water.  It is really an amazing creation.

You can learn more about the tour by searching “Sculpture Tour in Decatur Indiana” or getting a free “Decatur Sculpture Tour” brochure from the white box at the northeast corner of the courthouse square on Second Street.

We were saddened to learn on Sunday that long-time club member, Joe Schramm had passed away during the night.  When we receive more details we’ll pass them along.  If that should occur before next week’s publication, check the Van Wert Photography Club’s Facebook page where information will be promptly posted.

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The Van Wert Area Photography Club’s Sculpture shoot is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. in Decatur, Indiana, from Court Street, which is on the left as you face the front of the courthouse on South Second Street. 

James Haire’s sculpture titled Forty/Love.

Any photographer planning to attend the event is to reserve a space for the tour and/or a seat for the ride over, by calling (or you can text or message) Rex Dolby at 567.259.8951 no later than 9 a.m. Thursday, August 8. This will also create a contact list if circumstances cause the shoot to be postponed or cancelled. The group will assemble at 431 Boyd Ave. in Van Wert before 10:30 a.m., at which time we will leave for Decatur.

Following the downtown tour, photographers are invited to join VWAPC members at the Galley, 622 N. 13th St. (U.S. 27), for lunch. Our outing will conclude with an inspection of the sculptures on the east and west banks of the St. Marys River between the East Jackson Street and the East Monroe Street (U.S. 224) bridges.

A few tips are: Walk around the subject. Pick an angle that shows off the subject but minimizes distracting backgrounds. Use a setting with a shallow depth of field or do a close-up to reduce background distractions.

See if you can wait for a cloud to reduce the contrast of the composition.

Use a polarizing filter to reduce reflections if the sculpture is in a window.

If your view will cause perspective to distort the sculpture, can you move back and use a telephoto setting which will also blur the background?

We hope the weather is good and you can join us.

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On Saturday, August 10, the Van Wert Area Photography Club plans to photograph the eighthannual Sculpture Tour in Decatur, Indiana.  

The 2019 Tour was launched June 14 with 28 original sculptures created by artists from nine states and the United Kingdom. These sculptures will be on display both outside and in shop windows through mid-April 2020. In addition, there are permanent sculptures around the downtown area and in the Riverside Sculpture Park. 

Jim Langham’s photo of “Narrow Escape” on the northeast corner of Courthouse Square in Decatur, Indiana.

Photographers will start at 11 a.m. from the east side of the courthouse and visit all the locations in the downtown area. Lunch will be at the Galley restaurant, 622 N. 13thSt. (U.S. 27) following the morning tour. After lunch, the tour will conclude with the sculptures in the Riverside Park.

More details about the tour will be given next week.

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Due to serious medical issues and transportation difficulties, the Van Wert Area Photography Club has decided to postpone its photo shoot of Greenville Falls, Ludlow Falls, West Milton Falls, and Charleston Falls for two weeks — that’s until Saturday, July 27.

The hope is that all issues will be resolved, or at least improved by then.  If they are not, the falls tour will probably be deleted from this year’s activities.  For the welfare of those involved, let’s all hope their situation improves significantly.

The 2019 County Fair Photography Exhibit will soon be here.  Are you getting your entries completed for: Clouds, Our Fair, Flowers, Architecture, and People?  You may enter pictures in color and black and white, but you may not change a color picture to black and white, then enter both photos. The largest image permitted fills the opening in an 8 by 10-inch frame with only one image (these were last year’s rules). As soon as we get the new book, we’ll go more into the rules.

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The Van Wert Area Photography Club has changed the date for its Falls Photo Shoot to Saturday, July 13, thinking that employed people might be more able to participate. The shoot will include Greenville Falls, Ludlow Falls, West Milton Falls, and Charleston Falls, in that order.

The plan is to meet at 9:30 am in the parking lot of St. Marys High School at the junction of Ohio 66 and U.S. 33 before continuing south on Ohio 66.  Lunch is set for the Pearson House Restaurant, 28 N. Miami St., in West Milton. The time of day will determine whether lunch will be before or after the West Milton shoot.

The falls at West Milton by Cheryl Konst.

The falls in West Milton are 20 feet high and consist of two main drops followed by a series of small cascades. There is an overlook near the top of the falls and a stairway down to an overlook at the base of the falls. The falls are located near the intersection of Ohio 571 (Hayes Street) and Ohio 48 (North Miami Street) with parking in back of a furniture store on the northeast corner. 

The final stop will be Charleston Falls, located in the Charleston Falls Preserve, which is about 4 miles south of Tipp City and a mile east off Ross Road. Water from underground springs and run-off plunge 37 feet into a rocky gorge. Trails lead down to the base of the falls and there is a bridge and viewing area there as well.

Anyone around Van Wert who would like to ride along and participate in the shoot should call 567.259.8951 to reserve one of the three available seats by Friday, July 12, at 9 pm. You may also leave a voice or text message at that time. The car will leave promptly from 431 Boyd Ave. at 8:45 a.m. Saturday.

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The first two stops on the Van Wert Area Photography Club’s July waterfalls trip are Greenville Falls and Ludlow Falls. The tour is scheduled for Thursday, July 11 (weather permitting).   

Greenville Falls will be of both scenic and historical interest, since it is the site of one of the first hydro-electric plants in Ohio. Built by Richard M. Albery Sr. and sons in 1897, the remains of the dam, sluice gate, run, turbine towers, and machinery can still be seen. The location of each is indicated on the park map and all are potential photo opportunities. 

Cheryl Konst’s photo of Ludlow Falls.

Parking at the north park entrance will provide access to the falls overlook where Greenville Creek descends about 20 feet in elevation in a very short distance and a trail beyond leads to some remnants of the dam. Southeast parking will have a trail leading to the other park features and a view of a natural limestone arch on the west side of the creek.

Continuing on to Ludlow Falls, photographers will view a waterfall, depending on the water level, as much as 60 feet across where Ludlow Creek drops 15 feet into a gorge. If the level is low, there may be several narrower plunges. If you are agile, there are a number of locations along the creek to provide different views of the falls. 

From there the club will continue on to West Milton Falls and finally, Charleston Falls. Next week we’ll have information about those falls and details of the tour.

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With our July photo shoot being waterfalls, here’s some thoughts on the subject. When doing your research, try to determine which direction the falls face. That will give you a clue to the time of day you want to shoot. Falls facing the sun can produce glare that will burn out details in the water. Some adjustments would be: go when the sky is overcast and find a location where the boring sky is not a factor in the composition, pick a time when the sun is not directly on the falls, use a polarizing filter to cut the glare, or underexpose the picture and brighten it to suit in the computer.

Connie Stuffle’s photo of McCormick’s Creek Falls, which is 15 miles NE of Bloomington, Indiana along State Route 46.

When arriving at a falls, a number decisions need to be made. If there’s a lot of water, you might select a little faster shutter speed. If the flow is not much, use a slower shutter speed to create the illusion of a fuller falls. It’s a personal taste whether you want the flow to be wispy or slightly blurred. In either case, the shutter speed will probably be slower than 1/15th of a second at a small lens opening and at ISO 100 while the camera is on a tripod. Check your results and make the necessary settings adjustments. Remember that your shutter speed and lens opening work together. A slower shutter means a smaller lens opening.

When you want a waterfall or stream to appear more wispy or full using an iPhone 8, tap on the camera, select photo, then tap the live photo icon to the right of the flash symbol at the top. Frame a little extra space to the left and right of the subject to assure that the entire subject will be in the shot.

Place it in a selfie-stick holder on a tripod or hold the phone as steady as possible for a couple of seconds before and after you tap the shutter button. This is a good situation to plug in the ear buds and trigger the shutter with the + or – volume control to help keep the phone steady. Next, tap on the picture just taken at the bottom on the left. When the photo opens, swipe up with your finger to reveal 2 Effects-Live and Loop. Swipe left with your finger to reveal 2 more- Bounce and Long Exposure. Tap on the Long Exposure and the wispy waterfall or whatever appears.

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The Van Wert Area Photography Club has selected the Indian Lake region as the location of their next photo shoot on Friday, June 15. The plan is to meet at Cassano’s Pizza King, 424 E. Main St., in Russell’s Point, across from McDonald’s, at 1:30 p.m.  Lunch and sites to photograph will be determined at that time.

Cheryl Konst’s photo of the overflow at Indian Lake.

Anyone around Van Wert who would like to ride along and participate in the shoot should call 567.259.8951 to reserve one of the three available seats by Thursday, June 14, at 9 p.m.  You may also leave a voice or text message at that time. The car will leave promptly from 431 Boyd Ave. at 12:15 p.m. on Friday.

At this writing, the forecast is for a dry day with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s, so don’t forget your sunscreen and sun glasses.

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No column this week.

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