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Monday, Aug. 19, 2019

VWAPAF gives patrons their $$ worth

There is a buzz of excitement this week at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center. We are celebrating the art of saving. The Bundle & Save opportunity is now underway. Of the 28 live events this season, patrons can select three or more and create their own series of shows.

By Tafi Stober

Traditionally, this has been called the Select Series. The name has since been altered to better communicate the financial benefit of selecting a series. We appreciate the value of our customer’s dollar.

Northwest Ohio is an agri-society that has built a reputation of excellence from a work ethic that is difficult to rival. The harder one works for a dollar the more inclined one is to stretch it. We value practical thinking and extend the Bundle & Save opportunity to give our patrons and their dollars greater distance — 15 percent greater distance!

The arts are essential to human development but, according to Maslow, a bit lower on the list of needs. The Van Wert Area Performing Arts Foundation, operating as an extension of the Van Wert County Foundation, endeavors to create engagement with the arts that doesn’t compete with putting a meal on the table. The mission is delivered onFriday nights in the park, diverse events offered from the Wassenberg, and through the programming that appears on the Niswonger stage. 

The ticketed events are the reality of accessing in demand commercial artists as well as internationally sought after musical talent. The impetus, is to offer these events at a price that is affordable. This is only accomplished through the partnerships with corporations and individuals in the region whose investments offset operational expenses.

The staff of the Niswonger endeavors to partner with sponsors, members, and grantors so that experiencing an event is accessible for anyone. We are grateful that we live in a region that believes in the power of the arts and is willing to put money behind their mantra.

We revere penny pinching and applaud dollar stretching and to honor fantastic frugality, we extend the savings code of BUNDLE15. The code can be used as many times as patrons would like throughout the season.

The season begins on September 15. Until that time, enjoy free Friday night entertainment at Fountain Park, provided by the Van Wert County Foundation. This Friday, Satisfaction — a Tribute to The Rolling Stones, will rock the stage and keep more pennies in your pocket.

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