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Tuesday, May. 21, 2019

City approves pilot water meter program

VW independent/submitted information

Van Wert Mayor Jerry Mazur and City Safety-Service Director Jay Fleming recently gave Water Distribution Supervisor Bud Mengerink the green light to proceed with a pilot program of installing 250 new water meters. 

Van Wert Safety Service Director Jay Fleming (left), Water Distribution Supervisor Bud Mengerink (center), and Mayor Jerry Mazur compare the water meter currently in service with a state-of-the-art, radio-read water meter of the future. photo provided

The pilot program will allow for a complete evaluation of the new meters. Once all data is collected and the meters are proven to be reliable, city workers will go forward with the upgrade throughout Van Wert. 

The pilot program is just the beginning, the mayor noted, adding there are more than 4,000 meters to be replaced. 

“It is our intention to ask for bids from commercial contractors for the balance of the units to be installed, thereby expediting the completion of same,” said the mayor.

There are many benefits to be realized from the new system for both the city and the consumers. For the city, simply driving by and scanning a meter rather than lifting each and every cover to write down the readings will result in labor efficiencies. Additionally, the ability to do monthly actual billings should improve the billing process and level out the utilities cash flow. 

For consumers, monthly meter readings will eliminate the budget-busting estimated billing process. The monthly actual meter reading will also detect water leaks sooner, which will reduce unexpectedly high water bills.

“Until the evaluation period is complete we are not in the position to comment on a project completion date,” Mayor Mazur said. “However, we anticipate all to go well; if so, bids will be requested, which will include specific completion dates.”

For more information on the project, access the city website for upcoming news on the meters at

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