The Van Wert County Courthouse

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018

David J. Burnett, David John Burnett and Lisa Marie Burnett to David John Burnett and Lisa Marie Burnett, inlot 290, Delphos.

David A. Zalar, Amy D. Zalar and Amy Zalar to Bryan P. Brooks and Jamie L. Brooks, inlots 1256, 1255, Delphos.

Colin R. Wannemacher and Josette Brinkman to Amy D. Zalar, lot 85-6, Delphos subdivision.

Christina J. Jewell and Christina H.Cleeves to Todd A. Cleeves, outlots 146-2, 147-1, Van Wert.

General Electric Capital to Jada Properties LLV, inlot 4303, Van Wert.

Alan L. Minton and Virginia A. Minton to Jason Hargett and Kelly Hargett, portion of section 4, Liberty Township.

Estate of Maria Louisa Dohman and estate of Mary Lou Dohmen to Jozef G. Dohmen, portion of section 20, Ridge Township.

Mary Ellen Hemker Family Trust and Mary Ellen Deffenbaugh to Karen M. Hemker, inlot 939, Delphos.

David G. Linser Living Trust to Lois M. Linser Living Trust, portion of inlot 853, Van Wert.

Estate of Delbert C. Smith to Janet C. Smith, lot 397-1, Van Wert.

William C. Straley and Shirley A. Straley to William C. Straley Living Trust and Shirley A.Straley Living Trust, inlot 3576, Van Wert.

Fannie Mae to Alex K. Feasby and Jessica E. Feasby, potion of lot 223-4, Van Wert subdivision.

Mahendra B. Patel, Mahendra Bholidas Patel, sushila M. Patel, Sushila Mahendra Patel and Mahendra Patel to Mahil Inc., lot 355, Van Wert.

Paul Svabik and Laurel R. Svabik to Michlaur LLC, inlot 1248, Van Wert.

Rodger D. Johnson, Cathy Johnson and Beverly Valentine to Terry Joe Gallaway and Brenda J. Gallaway, inlot 4513, Van Wert.

Lisa L. Walton to Richard H.McClure, portion of section 25, Harrison Township.

Amber Fabian and Amber Houser by sheriff to JPMorgan Chase Bank, portion of section 3, Willshire Township.

POSTED: 02/13/13 at 3:30 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers