The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Estate of Ramiro Romie Lozano to Louise L. Lozano, portion of inlot 145, Delphos.

William R. Dibert and Enid C. Dibert to William R. Dibert Revocable Trust, portion of section 24, Liberty Township.

James Paul Henrey and Esther Jane Henrey to Esther Jane Henrey Trust, portion of section 33, Harrison Township.

James Paul Henrey and Esther Jane Henrey to James Paul Henrey Trust, portion of section 34, Harrison Township.

Dana B. Sealscott to Lori A. Sealscott, portion of section 22, Ridge Township (Sperry subdivision, lot 4).

Estate of Loren Woodrow Collins to Jeffrey A. Collins, portion of section 31, Union Township.

Patricia S. Arrien to Michael J. Hessel, portion of section 14, Hoaglin Township.

Roger Pond and Marianne Renz to Pond/Renz Living Trust, portion of section 4, Hoaglin Township.

Jennifer I. Martin, Jennifer I . Hundley, Brandon J. Hundley, Jennifer Hundley and Brandon Hundley to Jennifer I Hundly and Bradon J. Hundley, inlot 1796, Van Wert.

Estate of Gretna L. Stevens to Donald Stevens, inlot 3655, Van Wert.

Stephanie L. Girod and Stephanie L. Kayser to David E. Kayser, portion of section 20, Ridge Township (Palmer Addition, lot 1).

Board of County Commission, Van Wert County Commission to Van Wert County Hospital, lot 401, Van Wert subdivision.

Tyler L. Johnson and Brook L. Gamble to Tyler L. Johnson and Brook L. Gamble, portion of inlot 965, Van Wert.

John F. Mathews and Janis A. Mathews to Dale E. Mathews, portion of section 6, Union Township.

Kent L. Castleman and Heather castleman to Emily L. Brames, lot 33, Dixon.

First Financial Bank to Cory James Mohr, portion of inlot 638, inlot 637, Van Wert.

Cully Family Trust to John N. Gamble and Rickie M. Gamble, portion of section 32, Willshire.

Alfred E. Bauldauf and Patricia A. Baldauf to Patricia A. Baldauf, inlot 3551, Van Wert, portion of section 32, washington Township.

Estate of June V. Feasby to Harold J. Feasby, inlot 3762, Van Wert.

Andrew R. Hofstetter to Shelly L. Hofstetter and Shelly J. Hofstetter, portion of inlot 1009, Van Wert.

Estate of Helen Ruth Wittung (Helen R. Wittung) to Edwin Wittung, Marlin L. Wittung, Frederick E. Wittung and Edwin P. Wittung Jr., portion of section 5, Liberty Township.

Estate of Leroy J. Kiehl to Michael L. Kiehl and Sharon Ann Witten, portion of section 16, Pleasant Township, portionof section 36, Harrison Township.

Susan R. Kreischer to Dennis Ray Kreischer, inlot 236, Convoy, outlot 28, Convoy.

POSTED: 05/18/11 at 2:27 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers