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The Van Wert County Courthouse

Sunday, Mar. 29, 2015

To the Editor:

To the citizens of Van Wert:

You have no doubt heard of the website named This website is basically being used by local people to slander other local people anonymously and has been causing a huge uproar in our community. If you have heard of the website then you will also probably know that I am on there a lot myself typically posting in defense of myself and friends and family. Here recently there has been an influx of teenagers posting about one another on the forums as well. I fear that eventually someone is going to hurt themselves because of something said about them on this website.

After doing a bit of research on the website I have learned that Topix is available in almost every city in the United States and that almost every city has this same type of problem with people attacking one another on the public forums because of the option Topix gives people to remain anonymous. I have read case after case of suicides, both teens and adults, directly due to abuse, bullying, and harassment. After having a personal close friend come very close to becoming another Topix suicide statistic I have decided to begin a non-profit grassroots campaign/petition named “Petition To End Or Reform Topix”. At the bottom of this letter I am including a link to go and read the petition as well as sign it and join our cause if you so wish. Please remember that this is not about if we are personal friends, enemies, or have never met. This is about our community as a whole and putting a stop to this website which everyone agrees is a negative thing in our community.

Also please remember that this is a grassroots movement. The ONLY way that this will have any effect is if we get a lot of signatures. If we do then will forward everything to our state and local officials. The only way we are going to meet the goal for 1,000 signatures is if this petition spreads as much as possible. Please copy the link and email it to all your friends and family. Post it to your Facebook or Twitter. Word of mouth is how this will move.

Again, thank you so much for your time in reading this letter and thank you in advance to those of you who are willing to help. Please click on the link provided below for more information on how you can help our cause and to read and sign the actual petition.

Johnny Murphy Jr.

Van Wert

via email

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